Darkness Rides Alone

Session 6

Session 6

The meeting broke up and everyone went their own way. Xanth, Tarl, Kita and I met back at the tavern. I was determined to go to the desert and stop this problem. Tarl and Kita were leaning towards staying and protecting the town. Xanth was a little too silent for my liking.

We found that the “secret” guard had gotten our message and met with Xanth at the back of the tavern. There were some negotiations about getting some protection for our little town from Cormere if we brave the desert to confront this threat. The pass was snowed in. Any reinforcements would be a long time coming.

The meeting was cut short by the sounds of screams from outside the tavern. I bolted for the door. I could tell as I left the shop that Kitas house was on fire. I sprinted down the street and kicked in the door.

I had been here a great many times. I ran through the house trying to call out. I got no answer. I could feel the flames burning through my armor. I pressed on into the flame thinking out loud, “I like fire, just not this much.”

I could find no sign of Kitas parents downstairs. I charged up the stairs holding my breath in the thicker smoke. A quick look around told me that Kitas adopted mother was dead on the bed. Kitas adopted father was not in this house.

My clothing was now catching fire. I knew there was nothing more I could do here. I was sure I would not make it through the down stairs flames again. I dove out the second floor window in a flaming, smoking ball and crashed to the street below.

The fall to the street was painful. It did put most of the fire out. I patted the rest of the flames from my body. My plan was to magically heal myself, find Kita and tell her of the horrible news of her adopted mother’s death as well as her adopted father being missing.

I looked for Kita in the most likely place, near her adopted father’s jewelry store. I did not see Kita and before I could magically heal myself, I could see fire moving unnaturally through the jewelry store. I would heal myself later.

I ran to the jewelry store yelling to the already streets full of people, “There, they are in there!” pointing to the jewelry store as I ran. I could feel the wind as I ran clawing at my open burns.

I kicked in the door to the jewelry store. The flames were not only unnatural, they were sentient. Three large flames turned and looked right at me. I thought out loud, “How much do I love fire? Not this much!” In the far corner I could see a drow-elf controlling the flames. I yelled to the crowded streets behind me, “Here, Here! They are here.” I did not realize my vagueness until Kita came running expecting to see her adopted parents.

When Kita arrived I yelled to her, “There,” pointing to the drow-elf, “that is who is responsible.” I could feel Kitas hopes crash. She said something about me being an idiot or the likes. I knew she was under a ton of stress. I began throwing magic at the drow yelling, “You will pay for what you have done!”

The Drow-elf clapped her hands and the large flame converged to become one huge flame. Then the drow ducked out the back door. I ran around the outside of the building. I spotted the drow and used the command, “Fall!” It worked and allowed me to close on the creature.

I began using the power of Galatru to destroy this drow. I summoned magical weapons, and spells that would crush the common man. The drow stood up to the assault and fought back. This was no ordinary drow.

I began to feel I would lose this fight if it went on much longer. Then, I heard Kita and Xanth running to aid me. The Drow took a moment to command the fire creature to crash through the wall and help her.

Kita taunted the huge creature so Xanth and I could finish off the drow. It was terrifying to see cute little Kita standing toe to toe with this huge fire creature. I knew her skills and I sent a silent prayer for her safety.

With Xanth and me both on this drow it was only a matter of time. Just before the drow fell it tried to run away. Xanth cut it down before it got three feet.

I had been sending heals to Kita and Xanth as well as throwing every hideous magic I could think of at the drow. I had used frost blots against the huge fire creature. I saw Kita fall at the feet of the fire creature. I thought she was dead. Tarl came around the corner to her rescue with a magic healing potion.

Xanth had been trying to get the fire creature off Kita with a flurry of arrows. The giant creature fell and its flames went out. I fell to my knees completely worn out.

Kita found the body of her adopted father in the flames of the jewelry store. He was clutching a book and had used his body to shield it from the flames. We found that every member of the artisan’s guild had been killed except for Xanth.

There we an attempt on Xanths life that had failed that night. While i was chasing around trying to save people, Xanth was almost killed, Tarl had managed to kill the drow responsible for the attempt on Xanth after a foot chase through town.

The town was in disarray. I healed those in need. People opened their homes to the needy. Xanth had set up a bucket line to stop the fires. I took a few people in and went to sleep.

The next morning Xanth had already found the magistrate was dead and promoted the town guard captain to the position. We left instructions for him to send word to Eagles Rest, it was a nearby city, to higher more town guards.

I was determined to head to the desert, alone if need be. I was packing for the trip and saw Xanth doing the same. Kita and Tarl joined in and we headed for the desert.

The travels to the desert were easy. We could see the clouds filling the mountain pass with snow in the distance. When we arrived at the rim of the desert in was unsettling. The sea of sand stretched as far as I could see.

We began our desert crossing using Tarls magic potions to keep us a little more comfortable. With as miserable as I felt, I could not imagine trying to travel this land without it.

Xanth took the lead and seemed to be happy. I commented to him, “You lived here?! Intentionally?!” Xanth had crossed the desert before. He was just happy to be traveling again.



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