Darkness Rides Alone

Session 4

Session 4

We decided to take the long way to Cormere. At every chance we avoided trouble. If we were being followed, we may have shaken our pressures. We pressed on well into the night.

It was cold and the days on the wagon were not getting easy. We were pushing ourselves as well as the horses. At a fork in the road we could make out a well-used camping area. This would be our rest point for the night. Kita set up her alarm spells to give warning. Xanth layer trip lines with bells and our nightly watch began.

I awoke to both the sounds of Xanths bells and kitas alarm spell. I have always hated fighting from a sound sleep. I never manage to put on my armor. I quickly exited my tent. The fight was on all around me. Somehow Kita had gotten into close range and Tarl had already started the area on fire in a few places.

I had nearly shaken the sleep from my eyes and the fight was over. We managed to take a prisoner. Our uninvited guest was a ‘dark elf.’ We used some interrogation techniques. I know they are necessary, but I have a hard time hurting someone that is bound. I kept my distance and let the others do what needed to be done.

The interrogations had given us a few clues. The weapons these guys carried could be traced back to the desert. The information gleaned cold is traced back to the desert. I believed our actions were clear, our problem lies in the desert near some well the prisoner mentioned.

We tried to go back to sleep, but sleep was restless at best. Xanth tied the prisoner to trail behind the wagon. We turned him in at the next town. This town was bigger than any we had come across on this journey. They had a place to store the wagons. We gave the prisoner over to the local guard.

We were in a well secured town. I did my walking’s around and found a few people that needed the mercy of Galatru. In this town I was approached by more of lathander followers. They mentioned the great cathedral in Cormere. I was told my deeds had been looked on kindly and I would be welcome at the great cathedral. I kept that as a mental note.

Xanth had gone off to visit our captive that was sitting in a town cell. I guess he wanted more information from him. I finished my rounds and got some rest. We left early for Cormere. We double checked the wagons. They showed no signs of tampering.

When the city of Cormere came into sight realized how small a town i came from. This city was a giant by comparison to any we had seen. We arrived early and great number of people bustled about in the morning hours. We showed the gate guards our papers and they directed us to our drop off point.

Kita and tarl had deduced that the gems in the weapons of our attackers were some evil magic. I led the group to a temple of Galatru. This was the largest temple to my god i had yet seen.

I gave my respects and showed the evil weapons. Even the great high priest of the temple was leery to look apron the weapons. We were directed to the church of lathander. I thought, "i guess i will see how received i will be here after all.

The Great Lathander Cathedral was just that, Great. The sun reflected off the bright white surfaces. I had to admit, it was spectacular. I approached the Cathedral of white in my Green Gold glory to Galatru with pride.

I was welcomed with open arms. They had been expecting me. I gave my greetings and came straight to the point. I showed the evil weapons and Even the High Priestess was taken aback by the presence of such evil.

The weapons became the focus of the room. They were place on an alter and destroyed in a brilliant light. The priests and paladins thanked us for ridding the world of such evil devices.

We had a few pleasant words with the followers of Lathander and were on our way. The topic of where to go had not been breached. I believed we needed to go straight to the desert. Xanth wanted to go back to Woodmere, and then go to the desert. Tarl and Kita showed no real sign of wanting to come with us to the desert without more reason or information.

I made my mind up. When we returned to Woodmere i would leave for the desert. I was sure Xanth would accompany me. I really wanted Kita and Tarl there as well.



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