A middle-aged, retired, elven ranger returning to a life of adventure.


I have two children that I send to the Isles for the summer to study on there elven heritage, also Xanths influence on the town since he has been there for 60 yrs or so. Most of the sculptures and buildings he helped erect, his 30 acres he owns he lets the town farm for 2% of its profits that are redistributed back to the town
Xanth prelude

It has always been said that a young elf should wait till maturity to venture off in the world. But sometimes the wander lust and curiosity to see and learn new cultures, hits others sooner than expected. Xanth Was only 60 years of age when he left home. This decision was frowned upon by his elders, but it was a feeling he could never shake. His travels took him abroad to monstrous peaks of Faerûns spines to the desolate unforgiving sands of the Anauroch deserts. He faced many dangers and knowledgable delights. One of which that helped him gain clarity while he trained with monks in the Earthspur Mountains of Damara. But of all his challenges he was defeated by a symmetrical wonder; a human woman who he was 60 years her senior. What started out to be a small town to resupply at and get a decent rest turned to much more. It was not love at first sight by all means at least that’s what Xanth told himself. During those times the town had a goblin problem which he volunteered his services to help for a small fee, this was ofcoursr another reason Xanth used as an excuse to prolong his stay. Soon enough later the goblins were all dispatched and Petra and Xanth became closer in their soon to be long bond….


Darkness Rides Alone DM_Sam