Darkness Rides Alone

Session 7

The desert went on for, what appeared to be, forever. We came across a small tent and approached cautiously. The owner of the tent was a jumpy little guy. He said he was here to sell thing to the, “Army” so that he could, “Live forever.”
We knew we were in the right place. We asked for directions and I used the “create water spell to fill a pan with water. The little guy jumped in the water and splashed around. We got our directions and headed off to meet up with the army.
We found a water hole along the way. It had some gnoles around it. We decided to use some acting to gather some information. Tarl put on a show of being almost dead and crawling for the water hole. The gnoles dragged him to the water. He made a potion that allowed him to listen to the gnoles. They talked of the “Army” and “Live Forever,”
Xanth decided to cross to the water hole as well. His acting was not as good. One of the gnoles tried to disarm him. Xanth resisted and got a kick in the head for it. He continued his act and “VERY RELUCTENTLY,” let the gnole take his bow. The gnole threw him into the water with Tarl.
The gnoles laughed and decided not to try to eat the two weary travelers. The gnoles began to move off and Tarl and Xanth moved out of the water. One of the gnoles still had Xanths bow. Xanth rushed him and managed to get the bow back. The gnoles began to get feisty and I stepped out and used the spell “Calm emotions,” to good effect.
The last of the gnoles was gathering their canteens from the water’s edge. The ground trembled and a creature of pure water rose up and lashed out at the gnole. The gnole fell dead in the sand. A quick glance told us the other gnoles would be of no assistance in this fight.
We began launching arrows and other means of attack to fight back the water creature. Kita tried to offer her water to appease the creature. The water creature just lashed out again.
I was getting a little grumpy. The desert was uncomfortable even with the potions we had taken to make it more bearable. I used the spell Fireball on the water creature. Steam and screeches of agony filled the desert. The creature died or retreated away, I am really not sure witch.
I know the gnoles witnessed the fight. It would be harder to blend in if they start talking. We could only hope for the best, so we continued to approach the army.
We crested a large sand dune and the army was before us. It numbered in the thousands. I was at a loss as to what to do. I could feel the need to punish these fools with all the power of Glautru for the invasion of our lands. I think I was still a little grumpy…
In the distance we could see an enormous hole in the ground with what could only be described as power coming out of it. It had to be the “well” we had heard so much about.
The group stood on the rise wondering what we could do against so many. Especially if they truly believe they will live forever if they are loyal to this army.



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